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Taisei Industries Shirakawa Factory

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We always value customer satisfaction and trust, and will offer products for which quality is guaranteed.

 We started business in 1946, and 30 years have passed since our Shirakawa Factory opened. In this beautiful hometown and environment, we make products through the press molding method of high tensile strength steel, aluminum and cold-rolled materials using cutting-edge technologies such as transfer, progressive and tandem methods. For assembly and processing, we utilize industrial robots for spot and CO2 welding and handling processing flexibly, which allows us to have productive technological capability enough to meet your needs on quality, cost and delivery time.
Company Name
Taisei Industries Shirakawa Factory
Kita 1, Higashi-kogyodanchi, Shirakawa-shi 961-0304
April 1986
20 million yen
President and CEO Norihiko Takahashi
Number of Employees
91 employees
Business Activities
- Design and manufacturing of mold jigs and tools, press processing of automotive parts and mass production in assembly and processing
Main Products
Automotive parts and transportation equipment parts 
ISO9001 (certified in October 2004) 
Main Clients
Unipres Corporation, G-Tekt Corporation, Nissan Shatai Manufacturing Co., Ltd., NHK Spring Co., Ltd., Yorozu Corporation and Tachi-S Co., Ltd.
Main Equipment
One 800t servo TRF press (Komatsu), one 400 t TRF press (Fukui,), six 110 to 300 t blanking presses (Aida), four 200 t robot TRF presses (Aida), five 200 t line pacer lines (Komatsu), ten 45 to 300 t power presses (Aida), one 500 t hydraulic press (Kawasaki), one machining centers (Okuma), fifteen CO2 welding robots (Yasukawa) and forty-five fixed spot welding machines
We satisfy customer expectations in terms of “quality,” “cost” and “delivery time.” We have the technology and many past results to achieve the above.
  • Appearance of Factory 
  • 800 t hybrid servo press 
  • 800 t TRF method 
  • Assembly line