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Tokyo Tsuushin-Kizai Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory

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Ninety years have passed since the start of business. Our parts are installed in “Hayabusa.”

Thanks to you, Tokyo Tsuushin-Kizai Co. Ltd. will celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2023. When we started our business, we mainly dealt with carbon-related products, however, since then we have expanded our line of products as we have developed our technological capability according to customers’ needs. Presently, we manufacture carbon products such as slip rings and are engaged in special metallic processing. Slip rings devices that carries a current between a rotating body and a fixed body. These can be used for various types of radars, videos, surveillance cameras, medical equipment, measuring instruments, surveying instruments, packaging machines, printing machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment (manufacturing machines for various lines), working machines, amusement equipment, robot arms and others.
Company Name
Tokyo Tsuushin-Kizai Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory
11 Okura-yami, Shirasaka, Shirakawa-shi 961-0835
45 million yen
President and CEO Haruhisa Sawato
Number of Employees
48 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of precision signal and current equipment (slip-ring Assy and brush Assy), equipment for telecommunication and electricity, carbon products for telecommunication and electricity, electric brushes, silver carbon, resistor carbon, specialty carbon products, powder metallurgy products, synthetic resin products, various types of contacts, metallic processing parts and others
Main Products
Slip rings, electrical contacts, specialty carbon products, metallic processing parts and others
JIS Q 9100: 2009, JIS Q 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001: 2008) (certification number BSKA0246 certified date July 31, 2015)
Main Clients
Toshiba group, Mitsubishi Electric group, Hitachi group, Canon group, Panasonic group, SANYO DENKI CO.,LTD., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., NiGK Corporation and Komori Corporation
Main Equipment
One NC turning, five NC lathes, three machining centers, one vertical lathe, six universal lathes, four universal milling machines, various machines, etc.
Tokyo Tsuushin-Kizai Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells 10,000 types of slip rings or more whose size, structure, electric capacity (electric specification) for carrying currents, etc. can meet your needs.
  • Integrated shaft-type slip rings 
  • Integrated die-cast-type slip rings 
  • Slip rings and carbon brushes for commutator