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Futaba Shashin Seihan, Co., Ltd. Fukushima Branch

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Responding to the needs of the times with corporate, staff and creative power.

We work mainly in DTP-related digital content creation; we handle everything from design work to database storage and maintenance. Our Design, Prepress, Digital Content Creation, On-demand Printing, Database, and Storage/Quality Control Divisions work seamlessly together to provide an integrated environment that enables us to meet the needs of our clients in an appropriate and timely manner.
Company Name
Futaba Shashin Seihan, Co., Ltd. Fukushima Branch
3-41 Jusanpara-michiue, Shirakawa City 961-0888
February 1959
30 million yen
President: Takahira Kobayashi
Number of Employees
10 employees
Business Activities
· Digital prepress production for general printing, magazines and comics (manga), preparation of digital content for mobile devices, and database creation.
· Design, planning and production of promotional materials, etc.
· Design, creation and operation/maintenance of websites, etc.
· Creation and variable direct printing of office supplies, etc. Direct mailing.
· Planning and production relating to magazines and books.
Main Clients
Kodansha Ltd., HarperCollins Japan, Gentosha Comics Inc., Bandai Visual Co., Ltd., Shufu To Seikatsu Sha Co., Ltd., Shusuisha Inc. (in no particular order).
As a company we are engaged in comprehensive digital content creation. As such we can provide comprehensive and smooth support for turning manuals and paper publications into digital media.