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Shirakawa Sokeizai Valley

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We are a professional technical group where companies with high-level technologies have assembled.

Forging industries gather to form "Shirakawa Sokeizai Valley" around Shirakawa city of Fukushima Prefecture. We heat treat and process locally-manufactured materials made through casting, forging, and die casting, and steadily supply the finished processsed products both domestically and internationally. We are aiming at appealing Japanese technology that we can be proud of to the world and making a contribution to the resurgence of industry in Fukushima.
Company Name
Shirakawa Sokeizai Valley
Business Activities
♦ CAST Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sales of ordinary cast iron, ductile cast iron, special cast iron and special ultra-high tensile strength cast iron We can handle 50 to 4,000 kg.
2 Sasakubo, Higashikaminodejima, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-34-3971

♦ Kimura Malleable Iron Co., Ltd.
Manufacture, processing and sales of ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron and common cast iron We can handle products from small lot such as 150 g to 35 kg, to mass production and prototype production.
14-4 Kayanekanegairi, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-23-4761

♦ Miyata Co., Ltd.
Ordinary cast iron factory. We can handle 100 g to 35 kg.
8-1 Yamagamiyama, Izumizaki, Izumizaki-mura
TEL +81-248-53-4111

♦ TFO Corporation.
Manufacture and sales of hot forging products of iron and non-ferrous metals We can handle products from 300 g to 20 kg that will be mounted on automobiles, motorcycles, construction machines and agricultural equipment. We consistently conduct the work from shape design to test production, evaluation and mass production.
550 Nishinagamine, Yabuki-machi
TEL +81-248-44-2100

[Die Casting]
♦ Kawakin Die Casting Industries Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sales of general die casting products such as EV and EHV-vehicle components and semi-solid casting products with few blowholes. The die-cast machines we own weigh 1,650 to 140 t. 15 Jinba, Shirasaka, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-28-2101

[Heat Treatment]
♦ Tamura Industrial Corporation.
Fukushima Factory has three lines of heat treatment facilities and each can handle products weighing less than 1 kg to 4,000 kg. Process description: We can handle most of the heat treatment processes that are required for materials, including heat (water and oil) quenching and tempering, quenching, annealing and stress relief annealing and solution treatment. Materials: steel, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, etc. for machine structures.
880 Akasawa, Yabuki-machi
TEL +81-248-41-1250

[Sheet Metal Works]
♦ Suzumi Co., Ltd.
We manufacture bracket, panel cover, casing manufactured from precision sheet-metal processing. We can handle materials of SPCC, AL and SUS and plate thickness of 0.5mm to 3.2mm.
18 Kamikitsuneyama, Izumizaki, Izumizaki-mura
TEL +81-248-53-2635

[Machining and Cutting]
♦ Sacra-Tech Co., Ltd.
A cutting work manufacturer for non-ferrous-metal We can handle work from single product production, test production to mass production for aluminum, stainless and difficult-to-cut materials. In addition, we can handle design and manufacture of FA equipment, etc. to meet your needs.
250 Okurayami, Shirasaka, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-28-2126

♦ Asai Showa Co., Ltd.
We are good at processing specially-shaped casting and forging parts, and we, consolidating the full power of the Asai Sangyo Group, propose the best suitable products from material procurement and machining to assembly.
5 Minami, Higashikogyodanchi, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-35-1311

[Metal Presses]
♦ Taisei Industries Shirakawa Plant Co., Ltd.
We are a general press company who has a consistent Monodukuri (making things) system including design and in-house manufacture of metal molds, jigs and tools and transfer conveyor equipment for automotive parts, manufacture of prototype parts and press, assembly and welding of small and medium-size parts.
1 Kita, Higashikogyodanchi, Shirakawa-shi
TEL +81-248-34-2001