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Yamashiro Fukushima Factory

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We process a variety of products from mass production goods to various kinds of products in small quantities.

Our work includes turning processing with a variety of sizes from φ100 to φ700. It is allowed for new employees to have no knowledge on mechanical processing because senior colleagues will instruct and educate them on site after they join us. The products we have processed are used for railroad vehicles such as Shinkansen vehicles and wind power generators that support our daily life, in which way we are making a contribution to our society.
Company Name
Yamashiro Fukushima Factory
17-1 Katsuzenyama, Higashikamino-dejima, Shirakawa-shi 961-0302
August 1953
10 million yen
President and CEO Yoshinori Yamashiro
Number of Employees
70 employees
Business Activities
Machine processing for bearings and gear blanks 
Main Products
Bearings and gear blanks 
Main Clients
NSK Ltd., Okubo Gear Co., Ltd., Tanray Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. 
Main Equipment
Seventy-two NC lathes (-φ350 44) (-φ 500 18) (-φ 700 10), nine machining centers (vertical and horizontal), sixteen roboloaders, two articulated robots and two shot blasts