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Formans (Takeda Sangyo Corporation) Fukushima Factory

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We are engaged in making various kind of high added value polyolefin films such as products for food and medical.

We manufacture our products with a method called the “Blown film extrusion” that melts thermoplastic (plastic) resin with heat, then blows it up like a balloon to make a thin film. They are functional films with properties such as “light shielding” and “deodorization” that designed for frozen food packages, sealing tapes for electric wires and water pipes, and packing materials. We mainly focus on order-made products to meet customers’ needs rather than standard products, and also make strong efforts to develop new products. Exploring knowledge about raw materials, and “film-making and related technology” further, we can make the only-one film in the world for you.
Company Name
Formans (Takeda Sangyo Corporation) Fukushima Factory
3-39 Jusanbaramichi-ue, Shirakawa-shi 961-0829
August 1983
40 million yen
CEO Minako Takeda
Number of Employees
40 employees
Business Activities
1909: Takeda Shoten Co., Ltd., which was the predecessor of our parent company, was founded in Nihonbashi of Tokyo. 1960: We’ve started manufacturing and sales of special polyethylene film that was packaging material for photo sensitive materials. August 31, 1983: Formans was established and started manufacturing light-shielding polyethylene film with a multi-layer blown film extrusion.
Main Products
Multi-layer polyethylene film and thermoplastic polyurethane film (usage example) package bag for frozen soy beans sold at Seven Eleven, package box for PCs and printers and adhesive tape for cable wire
ISO 9001 (obtained in November 2009, the original version was renewed in 2008)
Main Clients
Takeda Sangyo Corporation, Fujifilm Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and Hitachi Chemical Techno Service Co., Ltd.
Main Equipment
Three multi-layer machines, two single-layer machines and a rewinding machine
  • Appearance 
  • Multi-layer blown film extrusion 
  • Setting the molding conditions on the operation panel of the machine 
  • Product warehouse