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TFO Corporation Fukushima Factory

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We make regional contributions through the design and manufacture of iron and aluminum forging parts for motorcycle and four-wheel vehicles

With a sincere effort for fabrication of goods with our principle of “quality first,” we offer high-quality iron and aluminum forging parts to various customers from our Fukushima and Kumamoto factories, as well as two overseas locations in the United States and Thailand as suppliers of engines and underbody parts for automotives and motorcycles for which high reliability is required. In addition, we put all our strength into the development of new products and technologies and make a wide appeal to the industry and market by implementing a series of processes of design, manufacture and quality assessment with our staff and facilities, with the aid of CAE equipment on structure analysis and forging simulation.
Company Name
TFO Corporation Fukushima Factory
550 Nishi-nagamine, Yabuki-machi 969-0226
February 1930
78 million yen
Director and Factory Manager Noboru Sekiguchi
Number of Employees
123 employees
Business Activities
Design, manufacture and sales of parts (hot-forged parts) related to motorcycles, four-wheel vehicles and general machinery
Main Products
Various parts for transportation equipment (crankshafts, hubs, arms, etc.)
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Main Clients
Honda Motor Co., Ltd., NSK Ltd., Press Kogyo Co., Fukoku, Co., Ltd., Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd., Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Company, Ltd., and Ohashi Kisan Co., Ltd.
Main Equipment
Ten 1600 to 4000 ton presses, aluminum heat treatment equipment, mold processing equipment, two gas nitriding furnaces, one 3D scanner, one 3D printer, CAE devices, test and laboratory equipment
We are a manufacturer devoted to forged materials for iron and aluminum parts. There are only a few forging manufacturers in Fukushima Prefecture. If you are looking for information about how to obtain forged parts, please feel free to contact us.
  • Full view of Fukushima Factory 
  • 3300 t forging press 
  • Die cutting equipment 
  • Crankshaft and lower suspension arm