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Samegawa Transport Co., Ltd.

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We will meet any kind of need based on our experience and results we have cultivated until now! We will provide you security, safety and joy.

All of our employees keep in mind the special spirit, i.e. “who will do it if I won’t, when will we do it if I don’t now,” and we will meet logistics needs that always tend to change. We have business facilities in six prefectures in the Tohoku area so that we can handle all the logistics from delivery for convenience stores to transport of heavy goods. Across the nation, we own many storehouses whose total volume is equal to that of three Koshien baseball stadiums, which allows for warehouse management and package management (3PL) of logistics from transport to delivery. That made it possible to make all the logistics processes from procurement to production to sales more suitable and efficient. We have obtained ISO9001 and green operation certification, which allows us to maintain or increase our logistics quality and take care of the local environment. We will help you prepare or revise your logistics strategy that will meet your needs.
Company Name
Samegawa Transport Co., Ltd.
889 Akasawa, Yabuki-machi 969-0206
July 1960
4,800 million yen
President and CEO Hajime Haga
Number of Employees
430 employees
Business Activities
General motor truck transportation business, first class consigned freight forwarding business, second class consigned freight forwarding business, warehouse business, general worker dispatching undertakings, charged employment placement services, petroleum sales and repair and sales of automobiles
Main Products
Transport industry
ISO9001: 2008 (certified in December 2012), safety superior office
Main Equipment
Thirty-one warehouses (including refrigerated warehouses) (total 91, 815 m2), seventeen trailers, forty-seven 15-ton wings, three 10-ton wings, six 4-ton wings, one hundred three 3-ton wings, four 10-ton freezers, one 10-ton bulk car