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Kondo Electric Co., Ltd.

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The only one company who will become the number one in the world in the area of lightning surge by carrying out knowledge-based R&D on our original products

Based on 57 years of business experience, we aim become the number one company that will grow for 100 years. We will meet your requirements and build credibility by strengthening especially our R&D efforts and offering products that are indispensable in the market. In addition, we will become a company who can enrich the local community and our employees by strengthening manufacture and sales of our electronic products whose patents have been held by us to protect its intellectual property. We have already obtained the domestic and foreign patents on the microminiaturization of lightning surges, and are making the prototype of the world’s smallest surface mounting type surge absorber for its commercialization by allotting the subsidy from the Regional Bureau of Economy to the R&D. The product aims at being heavily used for smartphones, information devices, automobiles and industrial equipment.
Company Name
Kondo Electric Co., Ltd.
56-10 Yamashikita, Minowa, Asakawa-machi (Main Office/Factory) 963-6217
963-6123 3-2 Kamishiho, Sekiguchi, Tanagura-machi
October 1959
100 million yen
President and CEO Zen'ichi Kondo
Number of Employees
30 employees
Business Activities
Development, manufacture and sales of electronic parts 
Main Products
Surge absorber, gas arrester, special capacitor and lead-through capacitor 
TUV standard and PSE 
Main Clients
Shirakawa Olympus Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation and Maximum Technology Ltd.
Main Equipment
LCR meters, 50 KV resistance voltmeters, vacuum-sealed molding furnaces, continuous kilns (1350 °C), powder injection molding machines, constant temperature and humidity chambers and thermal shock testing machines 
  • “Super Consent 2.0” that has two built-in surge absorber elements 
  • Surge absorber 
  • Lead-through capacitor