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We are the only general abrasive manufacturer in Japan.

We were established in 1926 at Arakawa-ward in Tokyo, then moved to the Adachi-ward in Tokyo, and moved our factory to Taishin, Shirakawa City in 1990, and have stayed there to the present day. We have manufactured a variety of goods from industrial products such as abrasive and buffing cloths and buffing compounds to ordinary household commodities such as Polimall and nail polish, and have met any possible needs promptly and adequately. We will keep advancing by carrying on the tradition of the technology we have developed for a long time and also integrating it into cutting-edge technology to continue being your best partner in the “grinding” and “polishing” processes. We obtained ISO9001 certification in 2001 and ISO14001 in 2002, and will continue contributing to the local environment and community.
Company Name
No.1,Aza- Shiozawa, Taishin-Nakashinjo, Shirakawa-shi,Fukushima-ken,Japan 969-0307
August 1926
30 million yen
President and CEO Kazuo Yamazaki
Number of Employees
130 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of abrasive materials (abrasive and buffing cloths, and buffing compounds) 
Main Products
- Abrasive materials (abrasive and buffing cloths, and buffing compounds) and DIY products (Polimall, nail polish, compounds, etc.)
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 
Main Equipment
In recent years, sales of our products are increasing not only in Japan but also in overseas market. From now on, we will welcome people who can work together towards a global company that creates only one technology.
  • Abrasive materials lineup 
  • Soft uni flap set with axle 
  • Abrasive polishing cloth for household “Polimall”