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KSFOODS Namatame products

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We pass down the traditional Japanese food "Konnyaku" and its pleasant taste and wonderfulness that konnyaku represents as a hometown specialty.

We are actively involved in making konnyaku by hand in the traditional kneading manner as well as the development of noodle-type, sweet, seasoned or other types of konnyaku to meet your needs. Please contact us if you are looking for delicious konnyaku or trying to develop original seasoned konnyaku. We can manufacture the products of your choice based on texture, quality, and price that meet your demands. We will accept small or large lot orders or express deliveries as much as possible.
Company Name
KSFOODS Namatame products
44 Shinhachiman, Tokoyo-kitano, Hanawa-machi 963-5402
9 million yen
President and CEO Katsunori Suzuki
Number of Employees
16 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture, distribution, and sales of konnyaku and distribution of local products
Main Products
Konnyaku, processed miso, dried foods and sweets
Main Clients
Roadside stations all around the North and South Kanto areas, JA, tourist facilities, highway SA, etc.
Main Equipment
Konnyaku production lines, packaging machines, boilers and filling machines
Please feel free to contact us. We will endeavor to meet your demands, for example, on start-up of original konnyaku and miso, proposal for konnyaku for business use and shopfront sales of souvenir konnyaku.
  • Appearance of Factory 
  • Manufacturing machinery 
  • Product lineup 
  • Yama no Fugu sashimi (i.e. konnyaku that looks like sliced raw fish)