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Cast Co., Ltd.

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We ensure a steady supply of the best casting products that meet your needs in the present and in the future.

We manufacture and sell casting products. We manufacture materials such as FC (flake graphite cast iron), FCD (spheroidal graphite cast iron) and alloy cast irons. Our molding process is Flan organic self-hardening cast iron in semi-automatic and manual lines. We can handle 50 kg to 4 t of weight and manufacture up to 200 units per type every month. We ensure a steady supply of casting products based on the technology we have accumulated for 130 years since the start of business, as well as the newest It technology. Our young employees play an active role in our clean factory that has changed the old image of foundries. The material processing cooperation team “Shirakawa Sokeizai Valley” that was born in local Shirakawa or the surrounding area can heat-treat or process the materials that have been created through casting, forging or die-casting so that the processed completed parts can be provided domestically or internationally, which helps us go international.
Company Name
Cast Co., Ltd.
2 Sasakubo, Higashikamino-dejima, Shirakawa-shi 961-0302
January 1889
35 million yen
Makoto Wakabayashi
Number of Employees
45 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of normal cast iron, ductile cast iron, special cast iron, high-strength cast iron, etc.
Main Products
Robots, small construction equipment, machine tools, truck axles and cast parts
Main Clients
Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Mikasa Sangyo Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industiries, Ltd.
Main Equipment
Two 2 t high-frequency induction furnaces
Cast Co., Ltd. ensures a steady supply and mass production of thin-wall, high quality casting with complex shape.