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Kato Screw Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory

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We manufacture many kinds and types of metal parts for automobile in the consecutive process from molding and machining to surface processing.

We started business in 1939 in the Koto ward of Tokyo, incorporated the business in 1947 and started operation of our Shirakawa Factory in 1969. We always focus on improving the strength, heat-resistance and shape specialty of our products, thorough quality control and environmental consciousness, and obtained ISO9001 certification in 1999 and ISO14000 in 2005. 90% of our 210 employees is composed of locals, greatly contributing to local employment. To improve our employees’ technical skills, we are focusing more energy on their education, including technical acquisition using skill training tables, off-site skilled worker training sessions and qualification acquisition. Seventy years have passed since the start of business and now we are supplying our parts to all the automobile manufacturers in Japan. We will venture into new areas based on the technology we have accumulated and aim at manufacturing a variety of parts.
Company Name
Kato Screw Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory
18 Katsutaishi, Shirasaka, Shirakawa-shi 961-0835
September 1969
92 million yen
President and CEO Daigo Kato
Number of Employees
230 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of bolts and nuts for transport and precision parts with screws 
Main Products
Precision parts with screws including bolts, nuts, collars, studs, joints, etc. for automobile 
ISO9001 certification (certified in December 1999) and ISO14001 certification (certified in January 2005)
Main Clients
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., UD Trucks, Hino Motors Ltd., Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. and around 150 of other companies 
Main Equipment
18 bolt former and knuckle joint presses, 22 eight-spindle automatic lathes, 8 quenching and tempering furnaces, 90 CNC lathes, rolling machines and 145 other equipment 
We offer our best-quality products in a responsible way because automotive parts involve human lives. Further, we are making progress day by day to meet your various needs.View in Shirakawa Factory
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  • Oil and air pressure parts: Joints, connectors, plugs, and hydraulic & pneumatic parts 
  • Axle parts: Hub bolts, inner nuts, bearing bolts and axle parts