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TOPCON YAMAGATA CO.,LTD. Shirakawa Factory

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We offer a variety of parts using the only one processing technology.

Various high-quality optical parts, optical units and metal parts that Topcon Yamagata produces are supplied not only to domestic markets represented by the one in Tokyo, but also overseas affiliated companies, and widely used in many countries in the world. In addition, as part of the Topcon group aiming to become a truly international enterprise, we, based here in Fukushima, not only offer our products but also focus more energy on talking with many countries of the world to foster each other’s further development through our core technology.
Company Name
TOPCON YAMAGATA CO.,LTD. Shirakawa Factory
459-26 Uenohara, Odakura, Nishigo-mura 961-8061
December 1946
371 million yen
President Hitoshi Sadachika
Number of Employees
19 employees
Business Activities
Machining and polishing of precision parts and unit assembly
Main Products
Precision and unit parts for surveying instruments
ISO 14001
Main Clients
TOPCON CORPORAION,SOKKIA TOPCON CO.,LTD,Olympus corporation,Canon Inc,KYOCERAOPTEC Co.,Ltd.,SANKEISHA CO.,LTD,Showa Optronics Co.,Ltd,Sumita Optical Glass,Inc.,TAMRON Co.,Ltd.,NIKON CORPORATION,FUJIFILM Corporation,Mamiya Digital Imagimg Co.,Ltd.,Moritex Corporation,Sunlux Co.,LTD.,Shimadzu Device Corporation,SHOWA OPT.CO.,LTD.,Tokai Optical Co.,Ltd.,Nasu Nikon corporation,Polatechno Co.,Ltd
Main Equipment
Fourteen machining centers, forty-eight NC lathes, nine cylindrical grinders, and five NC internal grinding machines