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Asai Showa Co., Ltd.

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We offer the most suitable materials and processing.

We offer products that match your needs among metal products in general. Based on know-how on process design and jig production that we have accumulated for a long time, we are good at processing specially-shaped casting or forging parts in our own factory.
Company Name
Asai Showa Co., Ltd.
5 Minami, Higashi-kogyodanchi, Shirakawa-shi 961-0304
April 1947
315 million yen
President and CEO Yutaka Watanabe
Number of Employees
105 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sale of metal processing parts
Main Products
Exhaust manifolds, intake manifold, oil pan and bracket
ISO 14001 (certified in June 2004), ISO 9001 (certified in December 2010)
Main Clients
Hino Motors Ltd., Fukushima Rope Co., Ltd., Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd., Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. and others
Main Equipment
Forty-four vertical machining centers, thirteen horizontal machining centers, thirteen NC lathes, one hundred fifty general purpose machines (milling machines, drilling machines, multi-spindle machines, etc.), one broaching machine, two 3-dimensional measuring machines and one shape measuring machine