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Parts Seiko Co. Ltd. Shirakawa Factory

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We can consistently conduct not only machining but also secondary processing, surface treatment and assembly.

To quickly respond to our customers’ diversified demands, we have affiliated companies at two domestic bases in Saitama and Fukushima Prefectures and overseas in China and the Philippines. With more than 600 various processing machineries, and with the cooperation of group companies and subcontracting factories, we have achieved high-quality products and short delivery times so that we can offer a wide variety of products to customers in various areas. In addition, we started the operation of Kagoshima Factory in April 2016, and as a result, we can not only sell mass production products but also specialize in small or medium lot production, which receives a high evaluation from our customers. We started from a screw trade firm. Thirty years have passed since then, and currently, we are a manufacturer who is strong in consistently undertaking works from design and development to processing, surface treatment and assembly.
Company Name
Parts Seiko Co. Ltd. Shirakawa Factory
188 Hiegaeshi, Odakura, Nishigo-mura 961-8061
August 1985
87.3 million yen
President and CEO Kenji Ota
Number of Employees
240 employees
Business Activities
Manufacture and sales of precision machining parts and surface treatment processing 
Main Products
Medical equipment, optical equipment, FA equipment, printing equipment and other various machine parts
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 
Main Equipment
(Shirakawa Factory) Seventy-one NC lathes, sixteen machining centers, eight rolling machines, three grinding machines, twenty-eight general and special machines
Our Shirakawa Factory, with more than 100 machining equipment, is a factory that can handle production of a wide variety of small and medium products. We have our own plating factory in Saitama Prefecture so that we can deliver finished products.