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Tatsumi Corporation

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We are very attentive.

We do anything from design to manufacture on jigs and tools that are necessary for production after consulting customers. We can help you solve your problems based on our know-how that we accumulated for a long time. We will help you change inconvenience into convenience.
Company Name
Tatsumi Corporation
1 Nakanoyama, Shirakawa-shi 961-0844
October 1962
30 million yen
President and CEO Tatsumi Saito
Number of Employees
16 employees
Business Activities
Electric machinery and equipment manufacturer
Main Products
Base plate inspection machines, assembly jigs and tools, machined parts, etc.
Certified Factory registered for Tohoku Trade and Industry (Sen No. 630) *Includes many patented parts 
Main Clients
Sharp Corporation, D&M Holding Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Shirakawa Olympus Corporation, Shin-Etsu Handotai Co., Ltd. and Casio Computer Co., Ltd. 
Main Equipment
Numerically controlled punching machines, CNC micro mats, air presses, grinders, high-speed drilling machines and milling machines 
We can design and manufacture even from one specially-designed product toward increasing our product control with the motto, “manufacturing products that satisfy customers’ needs.” Please consult us first for small to large products.
  • Head Office 
  • Mounted substrate checker 
  • In-circuit tester 
  • CNC system equipment