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Assembly of reliable products results from reliable tools. Our “delvo” allows for high-precision torque control contributes to reliable high-quality manufacturing.

We would like to make tools that fit comfortably in your hands and are truly “easy to use.” We would like to develop products that are integrated into your everyday life and in which “priority is given to people’s sensitivities.” Shirakawa Nitto Kohki is a manufacturer of electric power tools and door closers. Our basic idea is that we keep in mind “people are major players” and pursue further user-friendliness, safety, accuracy and functional beauty. The “delvo”, an original brand-name product that is highly-esteemed worldwide, and various light-weight and compact door closers for which much value is placed on the design around the door will support people and their everyday lives for today and tomorrow under our service system that we have developed in which manufacture and sales are combined.
Company Name
Shirakawa Nitto Kohki
12 Yokomine, Kurabeishi, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima-ken 961-0017
April 1981
90 million yen
President and CEO Atsushi Shirai
Number of Employees
126 employees
Business Activities
- Manufacture of auto hinges, manufacture of electric drivers, repair service for electric drivers (domestic only), manufacture of peripheral devices for electric drivers, manufacture of electric power tools and manufacture of machine tools
Main Products
Armless door closers (auto hinge series), sliding closers, electric drivers (delvo series), electric power tools and machine tools
ISO9001 certification obtained, ISO14001 certification obtained, CCC standard certification obtained (electric driver), UL standard certification obtained (electric driver), good housing parts (BL parts) certification system obtained (sliding closer) and C-TPM Challenge Award (first in Japan)
Main Clients
Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Main Equipment
NC lathes, machining centers, automatic winding machines, high-frequency welding machines, automatic broaching machines, high speed presses and automated assembly equipment
  • New office building completed on October 2016 . 
  • "Auto Hinges" are arm-less door closers that harmonize functional beauty and beautiful design. 
  • “Electric driver delvo series” enables high-precision torque control. 
  • "Screw tightening counter" prevents human error with its various functions.