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Sacra-Tech Corporation

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Contact Sacra-Tech for cutting work for complex shape products.

We are the group of specialists who conduct cutting work for precision parts using 49 machines. We handle short-term projects whose demand has risen recently, for example, in the development section and also meet your desires to see the final shape anyway or make the prototype as soon as possible. In addition, we can move into the mass production of such products without losing the product quality by utilizing a great variety of processing machinery or the most suitable machine. We also have an in-house design department and can handle anything from design and development to installment of FA and similar equipment. We contribute to your productivity enhancement through the work such as new design and refurbishment of existing equipment.
Company Name
Sacra-Tech Corporation
250 Okurayami, Shirasaka, Shirakawa-shi (Shin-Shirakawa Factory) 961-0835
April 1947
35 million yen
President and CEO Toshiyuki Sakuraoka
Number of Employees
56 employees
Business Activities
Processing of precision parts related to medical equipment, communication equipment, pneumatics, semiconductors, defense, and aerospace
Main Products
Cutting work of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc. 
ISO9001 (certified in 2003) and ISO14001 (certified in 2004) 
Main Clients
Fujitsu Limited, Olympus Corporation, SMC Corporation and other 100 companies
Main Equipment
Twelve 5-axis processing machines, twenty-three horizontal machining centers, ten combined lathes, one wire processing machine, three 3-dimensional measuring instruments (one of which is CNC specification), other total forty-nine machines.
We are particular about complex shapes. We build up our technological competence by satisfying the stringent requirements from our domestic customers who are fighting against world-wide competitors. We will help you save energy and streamline on design of FA equipment by adding design competence to our cutting technology we have accumulated for a long time.
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  • A2017 simultaneous 5-axis machining products 
  • A5052 5-axis machining complex-shape products 
  • A5052 products (horizontal machining center)