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Ishimori & Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory

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We are good at precision press and deep drawing work and will accept any order from small to large lot.

 We will accept any order, from small to large lot based on the press and machining technology we have inherited for the past 64 years and our thorough quality control.
 Our in-house equipment includes mechanical and hydraulic presses (35 t and 150 t), and we can accept any order from small object press to deep drawing.
 For mechanical processing, we can handle complicated shapes using our 5-axis composite fabrication machine that has been recently introduced.
 In addition, we are expanding into design and manufacturing of “ozone water production equipment” for semiconductor. We are good at order-made production that meets your needs, so please feel free to consult us.
 We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Company Name
Ishimori & Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory
78-15 Osakayama, Shirakawa-shi 961-0845
April 1987
50 million yen
Director and Factory Manager Hiroshi Yoshida
Number of Employees
35 employees
Business Activities
Machining and pressing work, equipment assembly, manufacture and sales of ozone generators and similar equipment 
Main Products
General precision machining parts, pressing parts, tub equipment for nursing care, ozone generators, ozone water production equipment, etc. 
ISO 9001: 2008 (certified in December 2011)
Main Clients
Nippon Koki Co., Ltd., Chugoku Kayaku Co., Ltd., MinebeaMitsumi Inc., Shin-Etsu Handotai Co., Ltd., DISCO Corporation and MEMC Japan Ltd.
Main Equipment
One Tsugami BO325 (CNC precision automatic lathes), five Amada crank presses TP-25C-X2 (25 t press), one Asai hydraulic press H1S150 (150 t), Koei Seisakusho hydraulic press KPH-35M (35 t)
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